The Philippine Association of Meat Processors Inc. (PAMPI) welcomed the decision of the Department of Agriculture (DA) to withdraw its latest order on new labelling requirements for imported meat.


In a letter to DA, PAMPI thanked DA Secretary William Dar for his decision to order the withdrawal of the National Meat Inspection Service’s (NMIS) memorandum circular (MC) 10-2021-038 on Oct. 26, 2021.

MC 10-2021-038 has ordered the inclusion of three different dates on imported meat labels, instead of just two as mandated in the DA Administrative Order (AO) 26 series of 2005.

The dates would be the manufacturing and packaging dates as well as the minimum durability, which is the best before or expiration date.

According to PAMPI, the said order “undermined the integrity and credibility” of the DA and “adversely affected businesses regulated by NMIS”.

“Apropos to this, we wish to be assured that you will order an internal investigation on the matter as the unauthorized issuance of said MC,” PAMPI told Dar.

“As standard operating procedure in government investigation/review of controversial and/or questionable actions, it is our hope that the subject of the investigation be relieved of her duties and responsibilities until such time that the investigation is completed,” it added.

Source: Manila Bulletin (