Neuwark Communications Ad Executive, Mark Montehermoso

Media has evolved and changed throughout the years, and so has advertising. From print to the age of social media, advertisers must make sure their works fit the taste and demand of the public regardless of the generational gap. To be a success in the field of advertising, one must be a visionary and innovative to rise above the fast-developing industry.

Neuwark Communications Ad Executive, Mark Montehermoso is one of the game changers in the advertising industry. This millennial has been a proven leader in digital marketing strategy and continuously transforms advertising with his fresh, creative ideas. His focus is curating messages and public relations personalized for clients, including political, corporate, government agencies, and NGOs.

Neuwark Communications is a PR agency whose services include but are not limited to reputation management, crisis management, media relations, social media management, speech writing, press releases, and outreach.

In the 2016 senatorial elections, which marked the rise of social media among the powerful tools in candidacy, Montehermoso strategized a social media campaign for two promising political candidates running for positions in the senate. He came up with a strategy specialized to convince and appeal to voters despite being for new political candidates (neophytes). The campaign was so successful that these politicians secured their positions and ranked high in the senatorial race.  While in 2019, he helped two senators performing poorly in the surveys to get senate seats as well.

Another was helping a national agency. He and his team launched a campaign featuring the voices of its members who have had a great experience and appreciation for the agency’s programs, which helped them in times of economic distress. The campaign bagged multiple local and international awards.

Building a reputation of taking their pool of brands and well-known clientele to their next-level potential, the agency is rapidly embarking on its journey, aided by its innate ability to adapt to what’s trending and pouring a new flavor into the ad world. Truly, this is a “MARKed success.”

Montehermoso’s fresh, creative ideas successfully helped clients and brands convey curated messages to various platforms and media. And he is just getting started. He is currently working his magic for three partylists, two Senatorial candidates, and one strong Presidential candidate. While to date, he already had served five senators, seven partylists, three congressmen and seven mayoral candidates in elections.

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