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The LRT-1 private operator Light Rail Manila Corporation (LRMC) said it is all set to accommodate more passengers after the government increased passenger capacity in rail public transport from the current 30 percent to 70 percent starting Thursday, Nov. 4.

Each LRT-1 trainset will now be able to increase capacity from the current 337 to 785 passengers (Gen-1 trains); from 407 to 951 (Gen-2 trains); and from 416 to 972 (Gen-3 trains).

To ensure compliance with the train capacity limitation, LRMC will continue implementing the Passenger Limit per Platform (PLPP) scheme.

There will also be roving train marshals and security officers to enforce protocols such as wearing of face mask, face shield, and no-talking policy inside the trains.

These will be supplemented by regular announcements on PA systems and signages.

LRMC continues to boost its health and safety protocols as it endeavors to strengthen the trust and confidence of commuters in public transport.

In time for the expected increase in passengers, LRMC has also attained 98 percent vaccination rate for its passenger-facing personnel and 93 percent for non-passenger-facing personnel, resulting to a 96% company-wide vaccination rate.

This was achieved through the MVP Group #WeGotYourVac Program and the company’s partnership with Pasay City alongside other local government vaccination programs.

“We look forward to serving more commuters and allowing them to reach their destinations smoothly and safely,” says LRMC President and CEO Juan F. Alfonso. “We assure our passengers that safety remains a top priority for LRMC.”

Other measures implemented by LRMC include temperature checks for all passengers and employees before entering LRT-1 premises; installation of disinfection mats; regular chemical disinfection complemented by UVC disinfection of trains and stations; and promotion of contactless payments.

Proper ventilation is assured with fresh air exchanged every time a train stops at the station, and it is also filtered in the LRT-1’s air-conditioning units with installed hospital-grade High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filtration system.

LRT-1 operates daily following this train service schedule: Northbound train (4:30AM to 9:15PM), Southbound train (4:30AM to 9:30PM).

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