The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) has two initiatives for consumers: it will only promote Noche Buena brands that do not raise prices, and the wearing of eyeglasses with no grade in lieu of face shields.

DTI Secretary Ramon M. Lopez said this at the Laging Handa Public Briefing in Malacanang on Monday, Nov. 8, as he tackled on protecting the country’s economic recovery under a more relaxed Alert Level 2.

Trade and Industry Secretary Ramon M. Lopez

On Noche Buena prices, Lopez said DTI will only publish Noche Buena products and brands that do not raise their prices. In addition, he said, his agency will also promote these brands only.

Consumers have been urging or awaiting the DTI to issue the Suggested Retail Prices (SRP) for Noche Buena products. With the statement of Lopez, it is likely the DTI Noche Buena SRP will only list products and brands that do not increase their prices.

Noche Buena products that are not asking for price hikes include ham, queso de bola, fruit cocktail, pasta and sauce. “So these are the products we will promote and publish, they are lucky for not raising prices and we will only promote them to consumers,” he said.

Lopez, however, said that only a few products and brands that are really gearing up for higher prices this Christmas.

Even on the basic necessities and price commodities (BNPCs), Lopez said more than half have not increased their prices and those that raised prices were implementing minimal increase of 3 percent only.

On calls to lift the policy on wearing face shields in malls and crowded and closed areas, Lopez said the wearing of face shields has proven to help control the transmission of the virus. Should the face shield policy is lifted, Lopez still batted for the wearing of eye protection even “eyeglass with no grade” for further protection.

“Personally, I believe we need eye protection even those without grade,” he said adding that face shield is still the best complement.

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