AllDay Marts Inc. marked a successful debut at the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) with its share rising 50 percent to P0.90 apiece and hitting the ceiling of the trading band immediately upon listing.

The firm raised P4.5 billion from its oversubscribed initial public offering (IPO) of 6.86 billion shares and 685.71 million over-allotment option shares at P0.60 per share.

BREAKING BARRIERS for ALLDY IPO. PH’s fastest growing supermarket chain AllDay debuts at the Philippine Stock Exchange yesterday with Villar Group Chairman and former Senate President Manny Villar and PSE President & CEO Ramon S. Monzon ringing the bell at the trading floor. Also in photo are: AllDay Vice Chairman Camille Villar, AllDay Director Paolo Villar and former DPWH Sec. Mark Villar.

“We would like to express how truly pleased we are with the outcome of our IPO. We are are truly proud to join the PSE’s roster of listed companies,” said AllDay Vice Chairman Camille Villar.

AllDay Chairman Manuel B. Villar, Jr. explained that that, “When we priced the IPO, we did so with a mind to help maximize long-term value for our new institutional and retail investors. The brisk market uptake of our shares validates this price and we are very pleased and grateful for the warm reception that the AllDay IPO was given.”

Villar Group of Companies Chairman Manuel B. Villar, Jr.

PSE President Ramon S. Monzon said the AllDay IPO broke the record for availments through PSE EASy, which gets a 10 percent allocation of all IPOs for the investment of local small investors, or LSIs.

He noted that, LSIs took up just 34 percent of the 10 percent allocation of the past 12 IPOs through PSE EASy.

“We at PSE remained hopeful and optimistic that the LSI take-up for IPOs would continue to increase as the number of IPOs grew. But little did we expect that this soon, on the 13th IPO, the 10 percent LSI allocation would be fully taken up, what more oversubscribed,” said Monzon.

PSE President Ramon S. Monzon

He noted that, “Congratulations to AllDay. Your IPO has set the record in LSI availment. There were 6,624 small investors from 74 provinces, two territories, and 26 countries, including Papua New Guinea, the newest country to be added to our list of LSI locations overseas, that invested in your IPO.”

Monzon added that, “They subscribed to more than 1.1 billion shares, exceeding the LSI allocation of 685.7 million shares by 1.62 times. I understand that the allotment for institutional investors was likewise 2.5 times oversubscribed.”

“This clearly demonstrates the trust and confidence investors have in the Villar family with their proven experience and success in their various businesses. Perhaps, many of these investors still remember the unparalleled success of the group’s Golden Haven IPO, which listed in 2016 at P10.50 per share and which closed yesterday at P540,” he said.

AllHome Vice Chairman Camille Villar

Villar said that, “Your overwhelming response is a milestone for the company: even our local LSI tranche was oversubscribed, and it was the first time—if my recollection is right—that investors would have to be refunded. Such a response simply motivates us even more to deliver value to all of you.”

She noted that, “In a market now characterized by a pandemic and requisite recovery efforts, we know that we are in the best position to serve a market hungry for experiences and not simply essentials, a market ready to ‘re-experience’ retail.”

“Innovation is part of our DNA, and the cornerstone of our strategies. We believe that we have capably demonstrated this, and as we have seen in the warm reception of this initial public offering, and that there are many people who believe AllDay can continue to push forward the Filipino supermarket experience,” said Villar.

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