The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) has opened institutional registrations for the national ID system to accommodate Filipinos who are working in the private and public sector, or residing in subdivisions.

Deputy National Statistician Rosalinda P. Bautista said that government agencies, homeowners’ associations, exclusive residences, non-government organizations, and private companies can coordinate with the PSA for the Philippine Identification System (PhilSys) registration.

Philsys registration

“In the same manner that we reach out to local government units to assist in the registration of low-income households and the general population, our efforts also extend to reaching out to middle-class and upper-class income families,” Bautista said in a statement.

The institutional registration strategy aims to accommodate the formal sector by ensuring that the working population from both government and private institutions have a safe and convenient PhilSys registration.

“We want every Filipino to take the opportunity to register as we move towards the digital society, we envision with PhilSys,” Bautista said.

Last Oct. 1, the PSA started the month-long institutional registration for the members of the Ortigas Center Association, Inc. (OCAI) in Pasig City. In coordination with PSA, OCAI scheduled members per building for an orderly and safe registration of residents.

Among the registrants who completed Step 2 Registration with OCAI is Socioeconomic Planning Secretary Karl Kendrick T. Chua of the National Economic and Development Authority.

As part of the institutional registration strategy, PSA continues its close coordination with government agencies and private businesses for the PhilSys registration of their staff, employees, customers, and clients.

Further, institutional registration is also being implemented at subdivisions, villages, and condominiums in select areas. Homeowners, through this strategy, may complete their Steps 1 and 2 Registration sequentially.

PSA Central Office entertains requests for institutional registrations from the National Capital Region (NCR) via while those interested from areas outside NCR are encouraged to coordinate with their local PSA Regional or Provincial Office.

As of Oct. 1, 2021, a total of 42,969,528 registrants have already completed Step 1 Registration.

As part of this milestone, the institutional registration strategy which started in April this year, has recorded a total of 889,666 registrations as of Sept. 30, 2021.

With the current registration strategies, PSA steadily drives itself towards PhilSys’ goal of registering at least 50 million Filipinos by the end of the year.

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