The fund management firm of the Manufacturers Life Insurance Co. (Philippines) unveiled a unit investment trust fund (UITF) that seeks to preserve capital and generate income by investing in fixed income securities and deposits.

In a statement, Manulife Investment Management Philippines (Manulife IM), said on Tuesday, Oct. 5, that investors may avail of the new UITF product called Manulife Money Market Fund for as low as P1,000.

“In light of the continued uncertainties and market volatility brought by the pandemic, the Manulife Money Market Fund offers a holding place for investors while awaiting other investment opportunities,” Aira Gaspar, Manulife IM president and chief executive officer said.

“The Fund is a good entry point for younger Filipinos who want to start their investment journey with a professionally managed fund that aims to preserve capital while earning income,” she added.

Based on a recent Manulife’s survey, millennial and Gen Z Filipinos, on average, have started investing in their early 20s, with more than 20 percent of them already owning UITFs currently.

In addition, 25 percent of millennials covered in the study maintain a very balanced approach of risk and protection in their investment goals, and have a grasp of longer-term wealth accumulation.

“The Manulife Money Market Fund can help investors build and diversify their investment portfolios, especially those who have relatively lower risk appetites, to achieve their important financial goals across market cycles,” Gaspar said.

Committed to provide a diversified range of investment solutions for varied investment objectives and risk appetites, Manulife IM was recently named as one of the top investment houses in the country by leading Asia financial magazine The Asset.

Source: Manila Bulletin (