Hyundai Asia Resources, Inc. (HARI) posted a 38.3 percent increase in sales in September versus the previous month, August on the back of easing health restrictions in the National Capital Region and the resulting boost in consumer confidence.


Data from HARI showed the robust growth was largely fueled by the passenger car (PC) segment which grew by 64.8 compared to the previous month.

Leading the pack was the locally-assembled fuel-efficient Hyundai Accent with 91.8 percent growth—almost double from that of the previous month. Coming in at second was the Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) segment which saw 16.5 percent growth due to the strong performance of the Hyundai H-100.

Hyundai’s tough and versatile workhorse, a best-seller among the country’s growing SME community, upped its sales by 53.3 percent versus the previous month. Meanwhile, the Commercial Vehicle (CV) segment declined by 50 percent due to the lingering effects of the August lockdowns, including delays in the local production of the Class II and Class III Modern Jeepneys that use the Hyundai HD50S chassis.

“We remain driven forward as we approach the finish line of yet another challenging year,” said HARI President and CEO Ma. Fe Perez-Agudo. “With news regarding the further decline of infections and the lowering of health-related restrictions in the country by the end of this month, we can look forward to providing our customers better journeys this holiday season.”

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