The Go Lokal program, which promotes homegrown Filipino products from micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs), has launched its official store at Shopee Mall, bringing its presence to 20 major retail partners and 137 stores nationwide.


Trade and Industry Secretary Ramon M. Lopez reported the program’s achievement in just three years or since the Lokal Program inception in 2016 at the virtual grand launch of Go Lokal official store at Shopee Mall. So far, Go Lokal has already generated close to P400 million sales.

Lopez cited the formal launch of the Go Lokal Store at Shopee Mall, one of the leading e-commerce marketplaces in the country today. Lopez also congratulated the Shopee Philippines headed by Director Martin Yu.

“Allow me to extend my sincere appreciation to our distinguished guests and partners from Shopee Philippines headed by its Director Martin Yu,” the DTI chief said.

Lopez also reported that Go Lokal has assisted 788 MSMEs, 352 of which are already mainstreamed and have become regular suppliers to retail partners.

“Given the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the retail sector, we pursued alternative market access channels for MSMEs by partnering with different online platforms to help the MSMEs sustain their business operations and widen their market reach,” he said.

The digitalization efforts of Go Lokal brought 123 Go Lokal companies and their brands online, he said.

“We are grateful that Shopee has collaborated with the DTI in facilitating the digital migration of our MSMEs and bringing new ways of promoting Go Lokal as a brand as well as its growing roster of homegrown suppliers,” he said.

The Go Lokal Official Store in Shopee Mall features an initial batch of 28 Go Lokal suppliers and their 347 products. “Our online buyers can now get their favorite snacks, healthy drinks, artisanal food products, gifts, and souvenir items from the Go Lokal Store in Shopee Mall,” said Lopez.

Lopez cited Go Lokal MSMEs and their communities for tirelessly working amid the series of lockdowns brought by the COVID-19 pandemic.

He also expressed appreciation to local entrepreneurs and craftsmen for supporting the Go Lokal Program.

“Let us encourage our MSMEs to uphold the entrepreneurial spirit— to continuously excel in their craft, to help more communities, and provide them employment opportunities, creating a ripple effect towards recovery that reverberates throughout the country,” he said.

He also expressed gratitude to Go Lokal retail partners, especially to Shopee, for opening their doors to Go Lokal free of charge.

He called on other retail establishments and e-commerce platforms to support the Go Lokal to encourage more pop-up stores, whether physical, online retail spaces, food kiosks, gondolas, and microsites for local and small businesses.

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