The holidays are always a special time for families and friends. Aside from festive celebrations that bring everyone to bond together, the age-old tradition of gift-giving makes the occasion more memorable, as it symbolizes appreciation for the people being cared about the most.

This holiday season, give the gift of beauty and self care to the ones who matter. Make them smile and feel good about themselves with these gift ideas that are not only useful and practical, but also quite affordable.

K-goals skin companion

For a sister or friend who loves all things Korean, Ever Organics’ line of skin care products is a must-buy. This made-in-Korea line of paraben-free, cruelty-free, and alcohol-free products includes all the essentials needed for that coveted Korean glass skin glow.

From soothing gels to sheet mask, pore serums, and face mists that come in multiple variants like Aloe Vera, Ice Jeju Aloe, Snail Aloe, and more, this day-to-night skin care stash is a perfect gift to help loved ones kickstart a brighter skin care journey.

Your every beauty

Nothing satisfies the beauty junkies more than having new “toys” to play with on their vanity table. Ever Bilena Cosmetics has been around for 38 years and has already become a staple in every Filipina’s makeup kit. The brand has a very wide range of products that are suitable for every age, skin tone, and skin type.

For teens and makeup newbies, Careline Cosmetics is a choice with a range of youthful, trendy, and playful products that allows the wearer to express themselves better than basic.

Finally, Ara Colours is made for the power woman who makes beauty and success look effortless. Made in collaboration with accomplished actress and entrepreneur Ara Mina, this full line of makeup gives that flattering look to complement the “lady boss” lifestyle.

The bossing and gwapo looks

Break the mold that says self care is only for women. Blackwater carries a line of grooming products made for men. From fragrances and body care products, the brand has now expanded to include skin care essentials for men

Check out the Blackwater Charcoal Facial Foam and Sheet Mask, Energizing Moisturizer, and BB Cream to give special men that effortlessly handsome glow.

Say Hello to your Glow

The old adage “beauty comes from within” not only means something spiritual, but also physical and scientific as anything that you ingest and put into your body affects how you would look and feel on the outside.

For friends and loved ones who might have taken a toll from all the challenges they faced this past year, the gift of health is one of the best things to be given. Hello Glow has a line of supplemental beverages called Fit to Glow Coffee Mix and Fiber Apple Juice, which aid the body in detoxification,
metabolism, and boosting energy and immunity.

Not only that, Hello Glow also offers topical skin care products like the Rosewater Collection or the All Natural Whitening Set, which help revive the skin’s fresh bright glow from the outside.

Easy life at home

Self-care doesn’t stop at taking care of the skin and body. It also extends to the surroundings, especially the quality of living at home.

For the doting homemakers, Blustar Ultra has a range of home cleaning essentials that not only do the job removing dirt but also secures protection from viruses. Complete the range of products for laundry, dishwashing, and home cleaning and give your loved ones the protection, most practical, and useful gift this holiday season.

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