In business, the pink color which signifies reassurance, is not too welcoming, particularly for the working force. It means downsizing. Employees dread receiving pink slips.

But recent developments in the political arena have, altogether, changed this perception. It’s no longer dreaded. Instead, it is a welcome development as it is the signature color of presidential contender Vice President Leni Robredo.

Pink is a calming color usually associated with love, kindness, tenderness, innocence, and purity. Most would associate the color with all things feminine and girly.

Her announcement created a groundswell of support in the social media platform, FaceBook (FB) and Viber. Postings showing a predominantly green-colored school edifice lighted pink, as well as a shopping mall, including clothing, flowers, strawberry ice cream and other knick-knacks.

I even received a call from Van Nuys-based friend, Pinky Custodio laughingly reminding me that her name is now in fashion. Others tell me to be politically correct this time by reconsidering my aversion to the color. My preference is more solid blue, black, white and red.

Not that I detest the shade but pink is too girly for my taste. VP Leni remarked that “color does not define the person.” But it still baffles me as to why she basically abandoned the yellow, Liberal Party’s (LP) signature color.

Another issue that confuses me is her running as an independent. Did it ever cross your mind the rationale behind such a decision despite being endorsed as the standard bearer of LP and considering that she is the party’s chairman. And because she is running as an independent, she has no party machinery to run a nationwide campaign.

Reflecting on this, politically savvy personalities in the banking community, composed of prominent market players and movers, created “Bankers for Leni” group in FB in support of her candidacy.

Short for BFL, the online social group has over 2,500 members in less than a week since its launch. It’s anchored on the spirit of volunteerism with member-volunteers sharing their time and skills to drumbeat, and help campaign for VP Leni in a selfless manner and of patriotic duty.

To the disdain of political watchers and spin doctors of other camps, it’s apparent that the outpouring of support snowballed. To drumbeat her candidacy, online supporters coined the meaning of VP’s name as “magalang na Lider; mabuting Ehemplo; laging Naninindigan; may Integridad.” These are traits most desired in a leader.

With no copyright infringement intended, still others changed the title of the Beatles song Let It Be to Leni Be, ascribing the current condition as being “in times of trouble… hour of darkness, she is standing right in front, speaking words of wisdom…Leni be!”

With the outburst of support, the question now is: Will the color pink holds traction as the wheels of politics churn towards May 2022 polls?

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