AllDay Supermarket, the fastest growing supermarket operator in the Philippines, is establishing itself as a leading player in the mid-premium supermarket segment in recognition of the growing buying power of the Filipino middle-class.

“AllDay has always held itself to a global standard as we differentiate ourselves from the local supermarket landscape,” said Manuel B. Villar Jr., chairman of AllValue, AllDay’s parent company.

AllValue Holdings Chairman Manuel B. Villar, Jr.

He added that, “We have always believed that the Filipino deserves to be able to access a global standard of grocery shopping experience, and we believe that by remaining committed to a higher standard, AllDay will continue to enrich this experience for each and every customer.”

Villar said the chain continues to banner a global standard in the local supermarket industry by providing Filipino consumers an elevated, modern grocery shopping experience built on a foundation of premium in-store journey and innovative consumer solutions.

AllDay Supermarket

By combining an elevated in-store customer experience through store aesthetics, comfort, accessibility and convenience and online integration, AllDay is able to capture discerning shoppers who put a premium on their overall shopping experience.

This puts the supermarket chain in a prime position to benefit from the growing Filipino middle class, a segment of the population that now includes 54.2 million Filipinos in 2020 from just 37.6 million in 2015, according to GlobalData.

“AllDay will always remain focused on innovating to bring transformation to the local supermarket landscape,” said AllValue President Camille Villar.

AllValue Holdings President Camille Villar

She noted that, “The market preference shifting to more premium experiences and selections is something we saw in our benchmarking trips in the region as well as in the US.”

“We welcome this as a challenge, and we believe AllDay is well-prepared. As we have already established an elevated in-store and online customer experience for the brand, we want to ensure that we remain consistent in the experience we offer, as we believe that this will resonate strongly with a growing Filipino preference for an elevated, premium experience,” Villar said.

In its 2021 scan of consumer megatrends in the Philippines, Euromonitor International reported that consumers everywhere are now looking for more choices and more value tiers, shifting from an inclination to value to a preference for the premium, or the ability to spend on what matters most.

The Philippine middle class is identified by Euromonitor International as quality-conscious, further driving a growing market for premium products, services and experiences.

About 50 percent of Filipino respondents, compared to a global reading of 38 percent, say that they prefer to buy fewer but higher quality items.

They are also much more keen to seek out hard-to-find items and prize convenience, with 27 percent of Filipino respondents saying they seek niche brands that are unique while 57 percent percent are willing to pay a premium to save time.

In the same study, 58 percent of the Filipino respondents say that they are seeking curated experiences that are tailored to their tastes.

AllDay Personal Shopper Service

The AllDay experience is decidedly elevated, targeted at the a higher-income Filipino demographic. In its thrust to remain on the cutting edge of grocery retain, AllDay closely monitors global trends and practices that will have the most impact on the local industry.

In addition to a premium in-store aesthetic, innovative customer solutions and the vast array of international goods that it offers, AllDay maintains a strategy that prizes innovation.

The chain was the first to introduce the self-checkout kiosks and also offers a Personal Shopper Service that were credited by Euromonitor International as a pioneer in implementing shopper programs that answered customer needs during the height of the pandemic.

AllDay also operates its own, best-in-class e-commerce platform through

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