Filipino firm Go Shopping Philippines (GSP) is banking on the sustained boom in digital malls and marketplace in the Philippines for its growth and expansion here and abroad.


“With the imposition of lockdowns, it’s inevitable people can’t go out. This paved the way for online e-commerce to blossom like mushrooms. This is an industry that has a great future,” GSP Chief Executive Officer Neil Garcia La-as said.

GSP Mall is a big virtual mall where practically all one needs can be delivered via what is called Smart Logistics.

GSP’s strategically located warehouses make sure a product from within the country or overseas is tracked and delivered as expected. The firm also has an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that automates business processes including warehousing and logistics.

GSP Mall’s Analytics Program likewise enables the firm and its merchants to systematically sell goods based on data, statistics, and market demographics. A fraud detection system, on top of firewalls, secures GSP Mall’s transactions.

In a statement, GSP Mall said it targets to franchise out to neighboring Southeast Asian countries amid the growth the digital mall has been experiencing in one year or so.

“As a previous leasing manager of one of the major mall operators in the Philippines, I have seen drastic changes in brick and mortar stores in presentation of their products. There’s no way they can’t be present online as it naturally becomes a support to sustaining sales momentum,” La-as said. “Visibility is the name of the game.”

La-as said that what makes GSP Mall different from existing shopping apps is that it has a self-regulatory body to make sure that its merchants are align with the concept that the Go Shopping community offers.

“We started a bit slower because our game plan is not really to massively allow a lot of merchants to be on board for as long as I don’t have enough manpower to scrutinize them all one by one,” La-as said.

“We’re very slow, but very consistent. We target 1,000 merchants to be on-boarded by the end of the year. We have a timeline so we can secure inventory before the ‘ber’ [September to December] months take off. We are alluring all of them to be with us these coming months,” he added.

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