Philippines’ ASEAMETRICS has formed a new strategic partnership with ESM, LLC, a software and consulting firm headquartered in greater Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

ESM offers a suite of easy-to-use solutions that provide an automated system in formulating, implementing, measuring, and improving strategy, including cyber security measures in businesses. At the team and individual levels, the company automates performance management with a smarter appraisal system.

ASEAMETRICS, on the other hand, is a Makati-based HR Consulting firm established to provide solutions that will help companies solve talent-related business problems. The firm is an expert at providing technology-based solutions to help companies identify, develop, and manage the human resource for business’ success.


“There is a clamor among our clients for digitalizing the strategy management and performance management processes,” said Liza Manalo-Mapagu, chief executive officer of ASEAMETRICS.

“We believe that given the combined expertise and network of ESM and ASEAMETRICS on strategy management and technology integration, the industry stands to benefit from this partnership,” she added.

For his part, ESM CEO Kent Smart said his company is proud to partner with ASEAMETRICS at rolling out ESM technologies in the Philippines.

“ASEAMETRICS’ holistic strategy-focused approach in human capital management (HCM) makes ESM technology a perfect fit for their local and international clients’ requirements. ESM, through ASEAMETRICS, is ready to provide an all-in-one business strategy software to organizations in the Philippines, with the best practices on how to formulate and execute strategies to achieve business results,” Smart said.

JJ Moreno, ASEAMETRICS’ Adviser for Strategy Management, also said that he believes that organizations need to conduct a “strategy refresh” and recalibrate their business models by focusing on building resilience and agility.

“Companies are now at a time where they need to make clear and bold choices. With new opportunities come novel risks, so organizations do not only need to have relevant and responsive strategies, they need to have formal systems that would enable them to manage their strategy execution risks” said Moreno.

“As a long-time strategy management professional, I am glad that ASEAMETRICS has brought to the country the ESM software as this would greatly enable companies to effectively manage the execution of their strategies, and position themselves to successfully compete in an increasingly digital and uncertain world,” he added.

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