Air Asia Philippines expects to recover 100% of its domestic flight frequencies between April to May 2022 although its international frequencies won’t be back to pre-covid levels until late 2023, CEO Ricky Isla announced in today’s (Sept. 29) virtual briefing.

“The international market is tough because it depends on resyrictions of other coubtries which are beyond our control ” he pointed out.

At present, Air Asia Philippines is operating at 10 to 15 per cent of its pre-covid capacity although it has a 78 percent load factor.

By December, the traditional peak travel season, the airline will increase its flight frequencies in Cebu, Boracay and Tagbilaran.

“Hopefully, we can hit 20 percent of operating capacity and increase our load factor to 80 percent,” according to Isla.

Todate, they are flying to 14 destinations. They will open more domestic routes, such as Dumaguete and Roxas City by 1st quarter 2022. “

We see a lot of hope,” according to the CEO.

This December, the airline will open international flights from Manila to Taiwan, Hongkong and Singapore to cater to Overseas Filipino Workers returning home for the holidays.

It will also fly Manila to Kuala Lumpur, in cooperation with Air Asia Malaysia, and serve Manila to Bangkok, with Air Asia Thailand.

Significantly, Air Asia Philippines is doing well in international chartered flights, not just in the ASEAN region.

It ‘s doing repatriation flights in China, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

So far, the chartered flights are hauling in good revenue contributions for the airline.

Its cargo business has likewise improved, although cargo is still at 5 to 8 percent of pre-covid levels.

Overall, the situation remains “challenging” and international recovery can only be expected in the next three to four years.

Source: Manila Bulletin (