To future-proof itself, integrated logistics and transportation firm 2GO is investing P150 million to digitize and automate its operations, the company today ( September 15) announced.
Automated sorting machines in its hub facilities will now process more than 140,000 parcels a day, speeding up delivery to consumers.
2GO Express also deployed innovative transport management systems, modernizing destination mapping and vehicle routing.
The technology allows customers real time tracking of shipments to support their planning and consumption.
“These changes enhance our customers’ buying experience which has been the central focus of 2GO,” explained Waldo C. Basilla, 2GO Group Chief Operating Officer.
The technology improvements boost the output of 2GO Logistics as well.
The modernized warehouse management system streamlines its workflows electronically, improving customer integration, order and inventory management.
On the other hand, the new transport management system optimally plans deliveries, improving the number of drops and lowering cost.
In addition, its now GPS-enabled trucks give 2GO a more reliable transport control tower solution able to track deliveries in real time.
The company is likewise enhancing demand planning systems for its distribution business.
This aids in forecasting and ensures the availability of goods on the shelves of retail partners.
As 2GO’s network expands, it can now streamline and adapt its procurement process to the new normal.
“As a technology professional, I am excited to be part of the digital transformation at 2GO,” noted Gigi Puno, 2GO Group Chief Information Officer.
“These (technology initiatives) allow 2GO to position itself to serve its customers’ evolving requirements,” she concluded.

Source: Manila Bulletin (