The private sector is collaborating with government to transform Laguna Lake into an economic zone.
Metro Pacific Investments Corporation (MPIC) and Maynilad Water Services, Inc. (Maynilad), together with other MVP group firms, have partnered with the Laguna Lake Development Authority (LLDA) to protect Laguna Lake and surrounding areas.
The lake is vital to Metro Manila’s ecosystem and MPIC’s Laguna de Bay Welfare Awareness (LAWA) program seeks to “transform Laguna Lake into an economic zone showcasing ecotourism by addressing watershed destruction, land conversion and pollution”.
Last year, the LLDA already endorsed a P609-billion rehabilitation and development project to address flooding around Laguna Lake.
The Laguna de Bay Region has rich natural resources and covers 77 tributaries.
It’s a vital water source for irrigation, hydroelectric power generation, as a transport route, a venue for recreation, livelihood and domestic water supply.
Both MPIC and LLDA recognize the need to collaborate for the region’s sustainable development.
Now, MPIC and Maynilad, through LAWA, are identifying key areas of collaboration with the LLDA.
Initial priority areas include waste water management systems to address the lake’s algal bloom problem, organizing clean-up drives for the tributaries, and curbing water hyacinths, the most damaging aquatic plant worldwide, currently covering 20 percent of Laguna de Bay.
“Protection of the environment is not just the government’s responsibility, it’s also the private sector’s responsibility to do their part to help,” said MPIC Chairman Manuel V. Pangilinan.
“Through the LAWA Initiative, we wish to protect Laguna Lake from the many factors that could cause its demise, ” he underscored.

Source: Manila Bulletin (