The Land Transportation Office (LTO) will not register or renew motor vehicle and motorcycle licenses unless they had been inspected and found safe and road worthy.
This is in line with the Department of Transportation (DOTr) thrust, said Undersecretary for Administrative Service and Private Motor Vehicle Inspection Center Steering Committee Chairman Artemio U. Tuazon Jr.
“An unsafe vehicle on the road can kill,” he pointed out. “It can be as deadly as a vehicle driven by a drunk driver. A poorly maintained vehicle can experience mechanical failures and crash.”
Metro Manila registered 121,771 road crashes in one year, averaging 334 crashes per day, according to latest figures.
Of this total, 372 ended in death while 20,466 victims suffered from non-fatal injuries and 100,933 caused property damages.
“We can prevent unnecessary loss of lives and property on our roads by making sure vehicles are safe and roadworthy,” Tuazon reiterated.
“A road crash can happen anytime with or without a pandemic, if we are not careful,” he warned.
Motorists and vehicle owners can opt for an authorized private motor vehicle inspection center (PMVIC) or an LTO inspection.
Motorists need not worry about the cost because PMVIC inspection charges is now the same as a private emission test, Tuazon noted.
Aside from emission testing, as mandated under the Philippine Clean Air Act, PMVICs will inspect for roadworthiness at a at no extra charge.
This is because the emission test is included in the battery of safety and roadworthiness checks which PMVICs conduct.
In fact, motorists should opt for PMVIC inspection so as not to crowd LTO branches, Tuazon urged.
PMVIC tests are recorded on video and tests results are sent real-time to the main database of the LTO.
This prevents tampering of inspection results and “non-appearance” registrants.
And based on the opinion of the Office of the Solicitor General (OSG), there is no more question on the legality of motor vehicle inspections for safety and roadworthiness as part of the LTO registration process.
Based on the OSG’s opinion, the DOTr and the LTO have authority to ensure the roadworthiness of motor vehicles under the Administrative Code of 1987, LTO charters, and other laws.
The DOTr and the LTO can also legally authorize PMVICs to conduct inspection of motor vehicles pursuant to valid administrative issuances, according to the OSG.

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