DHL Express Philippines has walked the extra mile to strengthen partnership with small businesses in the country and ensure they can reach a global audience.

Country Manager Yati Abdullah said they are not just a mere logistics provider, but DHL makes sure that small businesses’ websites are aligned to reach international clients.

“Changing the world of logistics has always been our vision and we continuously challenge ourselves to break boundaries. We have a worldwide reach and we are always ready to lend our expertise to our customers so that they can expand their business and presence across borders,” said Abdullah.

She cited Zarah Juan’s bags and shoes that gained recognition globally very quickly with DHL as her delivery partner.

“We want to be there for Zarah and her team every step of the way. We are also committed to contributing and making a positive impact to the society and communities, so this is a perfect union,” said Abdullah.

Zarah Juan, an entrepreneur and local socio-cultural advocate, noted how DHL Express has been helping them in their efforts stating the company has been “helping us align our website and deal with international clients.”

With the online store, the Zarah Juan label has quickly gained traction across borders, she said. “We didn’t know how to [ship internationally] in the beginning, but DHL Express has been patient with us, helping us align our website and deal with international clients,” she said. “We get international buyers every day, and DHL has made it possible for us to fulfill them quickly. We’ve never had that before,” Juan said.

Juan’s entrepreneurial journey started when she was inspired by local artisan bags at a grocery store in Japan. She knew that her hometown needed a dose of the same thing.

Clipping the wings of her cushy job to focus on her socio-cultural-conscious, sustainable enterprise, she had her sights set on uplifting Philippine-made crafts in the form of artisan bags, and eventually shoes.

Since 2006, her brand has always been dedicated to providing sustainable livelihoods and retaining Filipino culture and tradition by producing goods with her team of weavers and designers.

From inception, she said her mission has brought much joy and success in her life, and the lives of the advocates, communities, and clients that she’s worked with and served. Despite the challenges, the grit, determination, and support from people who’ve been rooting for her from day one helped her overcome it all.

“When I retired from flying, I had separation anxiety from my friends, and from the job I’ve known,” she said. “I thought I made a mistake, but I realized it was just part of my adjustment period. I have no regrets at all. I had solid back up from my family and friends, plus my team and my partners in business.”

“Mistakes, failures and hardships are really a part of my growth process. In hindsight, it was just carving a path for more possibilities,” she said.

The international success of Zarah Juan is key to the brand’s overall growth and presence.

“DHL Express really made it possible for us,” she shares, emphasizing how helpful the international courier was with identifying the needs of entrepreneurs and finding solutions for them. “Having them on our side during the pandemic means the world to us; it means our survival. So during this pandemic, I have nothing but gratitude. The level of support, insights and expertise that DHL Express has given me is nothing compared to what I had received when I worked with other companies. For me, that’s everything,” she emphasized.

Her label has now expanded across Asia to countries including Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, and China, and to other parts of the world like the United States, Canada, Australia and Europe (Germany, Prague, London and Paris). Zarah said, “I can have the greatest vision and the greatest campaign but if I didn’t have a good partner, I wouldn’t be able to do it at all.”

“I’m able to execute all of these because I found a good partner in DHL Express, and that’s my truth,” she said.

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