As an incentive to Filipino consumers who already availed of their Covid-19 vaccines, independent player Unioil Petroleum Philippines Inc. is extending price discounts ranging from P2.00 to P3.00 per liter on its fuel products for vaccinated motorists.

Unioil’s price discounts, which started June 1, are P2 per liter for its Euro 5 diesel and P3.00 per liter discount for its Euro 5 Gasoline 91, 95 and 97 products.

The oil firm noted its price discount program to vaccinated Filipino motorists is its way of showing support to the government’s ongoing inoculation program to finally stem the pandemic that pummeled the country since last year.

“With this, Unioil would like to show its support by offering a fuel discount to all Filipinos who have already received their Covid-19 vaccines,” the oil company stipulated.

To avail of the price discounts, Unioil apprised customers that they will just need “to show their vaccination cards,” at the participating stations of the oil firm.

With such promotional activity, the oil firm said it is targeting “to encourage more Filipinos to make the wise choice of getting vaccinated – especially with the Covid-19 virus still much around.”

So far, Unioil is the first player in the deregulated downstream oil sector to come up with this marketing blitz; while the array of enticements dangled by the other sectors had been food, housing and vehicles, among others.

It remains a challenge for the government to rev up the enthusiasm of many Filipinos to get vaccinated against the Covid-19 virus, that is in spite of the continuing menace the pandemic has been triggering on country’s economic well being as well as on the overall safety of the population.

The State has been targeting ‘herd immunity’ by the fourth quarter of this year, but it remains to be seen if that will be achieved given the persisting reluctance of many to get inoculated; and that is being compounded by the delayed arrivals of the vaccines into the country.

As proven in other parts of the world, return to normalcy will only gain traction once the majority of the population in a country already acquired immunity from the vaccines. ###

Source: Manila Bulletin (