The yields on short-term treasury bills slightly slid lower across the board amid stable inflation outlook and strong liquidity, the Bureau of the Treasury said on Monday, June 21.

Total tenders reached P15.75 billion for the P5 billion worth of 91-day Treasury bills on offer as interest rates dropped to 1.078 percent from previous week’s 1.118 percent.

The rates on the six-month government securities slightly declined to 1.348 percent from the previous 1.380 percent and accepted the P5 billion worth of the 182-day T-bills on offer as total tenders reached P18.97 billion.

Moreover, the one-year IOUs fell to 1.563 percent from 1.577 percent as the government accepted P7 billion, higher than the P5 billion worth of debt papers on offer. Total tenders reached P24.35 billion.

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