Digital innovation in healthcare could address the challenge of going to hospitals, which is both costly and risky in this pandemic times, says Globe Business Industry Marketing Head for Healthcare Manelle Cousart-Suyat.

Globe Business offers a modular and digital system for hospitals that automates administrative, financial, and logistical processes through a secure platform, she explained.

“These digital solutions allow hospitals to manage their resources better, so hospital staff can focus on providing efficient and quality healthcare to patients at a much lower cost,” Suyat pointed out.

Globe Business partnered with the Bank of Philippine Islands (BPI) through the GMB TechLoans Loan Program to offer hospitals an exclusive term loan facility to purchase ICT Solutions.

With this, they can enjoy Demo-to-Purchase programs at interest rates lower than industry average of 29% for new-to-bank clients, no collateral requirements for loans up to P5Million and more.

This loan program helps hospitals adapt to the changing times through quality infrastructure and flexible loan solutions so they can in turn deliver better healthcare services.

Indeed, digital innovation in the healthcare system can provide critical support in the battle against COVID-19, the Department of Health (DOH) confirmed.

Among other things, it could be used to address the missing information on COVID-19 cases, including the cause of deaths, and provide the government with real-time data collection, maintained Dr. Alethea De Guzman, Director of the DOH Epidemiology Bureau.

Hospitals should employ technology to improve the access of Filipinos to quality, safe and affordable healthcare and medical services.

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