The Philippines and the rest of the world are transiting to a hybrid work environment, with the bulk of future meetings, 98 percent, in all, including at least one remote participant, according to tech giant Cisco.

This mixed mode of working is fueling long-lasting implications on work culture, event engagement and technology, says Karrie Ilagan, Managing Director of Cisco Philippines on Wednesday, ( June 23) in a virtual briefing.

Karrie Ilagan, Managing Director of Cisco Philippines

The transition to a hybrid work set-up requires investing more broadly, beyond the traditional conference room and re-imagining the new requirements of hybrid events and a hybrid workforce.

The way organizations worked pre-pandemic and during the pandemic will be different in this next wave of work – where good enough is simply not enough.

For this reason, Cisco recently unveiled an all-new Webex Suite to blend remote and in-person interaction at the office.

Webex is the industry’s first suite for hybrid work to combine meetings, calling, messaging, polling and events in one.

Already, the hybrid set-up is operating in the Philippines, where Webex powers collaboration and communication in the public sector.

The Department of Health alone has logged over two million minutes in meetings and consultations as of last year.

The Senate of the Philippines conducts 7-hour sessions over Webex on a daily basis.

In the private sector, institutions like the International Center for Beginning Beginners opted to conduct online classes over Webex to ensure the security and safety of their pre-school students.

“We connect the unconnected and bring the ecosystem around our business along with us to a future that is inclusive, where no one is left behind,” Ilagan maintained.

“With Webex Suite, everyone has a seat at the table, everyone’s voice can be heard, and it’s a platform where discussions are made equitable,” she noted.

“In the last six months, we have added 800 new features and devices to Webex to create the most flexible and inclusive user experience for businesses and people who work from anywhere,” says Hariharan S, Managing Director, Software, Cloud and Collaboration, Cisco APJC.

“The Webex Suite ensures everyone in a hybrid workforce has equal opportunity and voice,” he concluded.

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