The Villar Group announced that it is set to vaccinate its employees, workers, and their families nationwide  as it continues to be proactive in its fight against COVID-19.

Aside from Oxford-Astra Zeneca vaccine it ordered earlier, the Group said it has ordered vaccines from Moderna for its existing workforce. It is also finalizing the process to allow employees to access vaccines for their families and household.

“Ensuring the health and safety of our employees is our top priority. The vaccine will not only help build immunity from the virus, but will also help boost consumer confidence to go out again. Hence, the vaccine will not only save lives but jobs and businesses, as well,” said Villar Group Chairman Manny Villar.

Villar Group Chairman Manny Villar

He added that, “It is by helping each other during this time that we can start our journey to economic recovery.” 

VHealthy, its Group-wide vaccination program includes conduct of massive information campaign through series of webinars that tackle safety protocols and the importance of getting inoculated, with resource speakers from relevant organization and other health experts.

“We are committed to inform and to engage our employees on the benefits of the vaccine, and to create a healthy and safe workplace for them and our clients,” said Vista Land & Lifescapes, Inc. President and CEO Manuel Paolo Villar. 

Last year, when the Enhanced Community Quarantine was lifted and resumption of office work was allowed, the Group ensured the safety of its employees by conducting COVID-19 tests to them for free, making sure that offices, sites and workplaces were disinfected and sanitized, and providing shuttle services to employees manning the offices.

At present, COVID-19 testings are still being conducted depending on the level of the employee’s exposure to COVID-positive person, office disinfections and sanitations are still being done regularly while shuttle services are still provided for most especially to areas where public transportation still has certain restrictions. 

It has also contributed to the efforts of the government to fight COVID-19 by converting forum halls to COVID-19 facilities and providing hospital beds and freezers for swabbing facilities; donating disinfecting apparatus, face masks and drinking water to various hospitals, food and accommodation to frontliners, and installation of public handwashing stations, among others.

The Group is engaged in real estate development, mall, retail, and other key industries in the Philippines. It currently operates in 49 provinces and 147 cities and municipalities across the country. 

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