Asian Eye Institute, the largest and most trusted eye center in the Philippines,officially unveiled its e-commerce website, the Asian Eye SHOP on

Created to help customers LOOK, SEE and LIVE BETTER, the Asian Eye SHOP puts the care back into eye care and eyewear. It combines access to a variety of eyewear options to Asian Eye’s stable of experts through its teleconsultation service and online appointment booking service. This means that shoppers can easily consult an Asian Eye expert to help them choose the right eye glasses, eye drops or service that suits their needs.

Online shoppers can avail of stylish, well-made and affordable eye care products – from UV + blue light eyeglasses for both kids and adults to polarized sunglasses, contact lenses, eyewear accessories, and eye protection (goggles, face shields). FDA-approved eye medicines for different eye conditions like corneal edema and glaucoma, as well as eye lubricants and vitamins can also be purchased on the online shop.

Asian Eye Chief Operating Officer Alwin Sta. Rosa (Photo credit:

For shoppers that need it, Asian Eye’s Teleconsultation service makes it easy for patient to do a video consult with their eye doctor, without having to leave their homes or offices; request e-prescription they can use at the online shop or present to any pharmacy; and order eye medication/s and other optical products to be delivered straight to their doorstep. This is particularly useful for senior patients who are more comfortable ordering through phone call.

The Asian Eye SHOP is the 20-year old institute’s response to the pandemic concerns of its clients.

According to Asian Eye Chief Operating Officer Alwin Sta. Rosa, “We are always looking for ways to make it convenient, safe and easy for our patients. Through the Asian Eye SHOP, we can bring them the Asian Eye care and expertise that they have come to love and trust by providingthem with a seamless shopping experience, whenever and wherever they are.”

The online shop also offers shoppers access to exclusive brands like DailySpecs, Kidspex, ActivSpex, Brett and Massada. He says. “The combination of house brands and branded European eyewear gives patients options that offer both function and style, whether you want to wear a pair to complete a look or simply  need classic frames for daily use. “

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