Amber Kinetics, an energy storage company, said the Philippines is a strategic destination for leading edge innovation and development as it expands partnerships with local partners in the deployment of technology for microgrid applications.

The Silicon Valley-based company has an existing manufacturing facility in Santo Tomas, Batangas since 2018 making the Philippines its home for manufacturing, testing and final configuration site.

“Having this site and service locally also trailblazes the demand for higher value-added industrial activities, promoting the Philippines as a strategic destination for leading-edge innovation and development,” the company said in a statement.

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The company then expanded its presence in the country with its local partnership with De La Salle University (DLSU) in Laguna. Through this collaboration, DLSU Laguna becomes the first establishment in the Philippines to use the groundbreaking flywheel technology.

Amber Kinetics’ flywheel features a recyclable all steel design and does not use chemical materials thus eliminating any hazardous waste handling, making it both a sustainable and cost effective energy storage solution.

Flywheel technology is an innovation that efficiently stores kinetic energy by a spinning steel rotor enclosed in a vacuum container. 

The sustainability efforts of Amber Kinetics include bringing its technology to far-flung areas in the Philippines where energy quality is still a challenge. According to the Philippine Solar Energy Profile, the Philippines’ archipelagic nature leaves an untapped energy demand in roughly 4.6 million Filipino households.

In light of this, Amber Kinetics — in partnership with various public and private stakeholders — aims to cater to these communities by deploying its technology for microgrid applications. Their projects in the pipeline involve objectives of improving energy quality and accelerating sustainability goals in the Philippines.

“The presence of pioneering technologies like Amber Kinetics’ Flywheel Energy Storage System in the country is just one way to show that a future with cleaner, more sustainable energy is within the bounds of possibility in the local scene,” the company said.

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