To prevent the spread of COVID-19 more efficiently, Metro Rail Transit (MRT)-3 will digitize its contact tracing process  today,  January 18, 2021.

At present, MRT 3 conducts contact tracing manually, creating long queues at the stations. “Starting January 18, passengers may use the DOTr MRT-3 Trace web application,” announced MRT-3 Director for Operations Michael J. Capati.

“But to give time for our passengers to familiarize themselves with the new app, full implementation will be on February, 2021,” he confirmed. To register, passengers may log at and fill out the basic information such as full name, birth date, address, and contact number.

After registration, the app user should activate his smartphone location services. 

When at the MRT-3, passengers need to scan the unique quick response (QR) code located at designated areas in the station.

The user will present the verification message to the security personnel before entering the station.  All information gathered will be transmitted to the MRT-3’s Data Center for security and easy tracing of individuals. 

The MRT-3 Trace is compliant with Republic Act 1017 or the Data Privacy Act.

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